Back to School

Kids going back to school can be overwhelming, sad and exciting all at once.  Summer is so fun, it’s sad to see it end, but starting a new grade can be really fun.  Things to do when getting the kiddos ready to go back to school can include supplies shopping, clothes, shoes, and backpack shopping, getting lunch ideas to pack, and getting back into a morning routine.  We all know getting the kids up early after a summer of sleeping in can be challenging.  Another thing that should be on the back-to-school to do list is a comprehensive eye exam for all kids.  During a comprehensive exam the doctor not only looks at your child’s vision and determines if they need glasses, but also looks at your child’s eye health. As with many health conditions, the earlier you catch eye issues, the more effectively you can treat them. Not to mention shopping for cute frames can be really fun.  We can help you see in style.   If you are getting your child ready for back-to-school and haven’t scheduled their exam yet, now is the time!   We hope all kids, teens and college students have a fantastic school year! 


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